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Free Paramedic Quizzes

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Free Paramedic Quizzes


Last Updated on Friday, 28 August 2009 17:40

Firefighter Quizzes

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This is the page that contains firefighter quizzes


Exam Preview is looking for Test Information

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Exampreview.com is always looking for valuable test information. If you have exam material, tips, or information that you think would help our students and test takers, please feel free to contact exampreview.com so that we can provide a better test taking experience for our customers and for you and your next exam!

Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 06:34

Exam Preview.com

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Exam Preview is the number one source on the internet for exams. We search the internet for the best exam material relative to your next test. All of our exams are based upon feedback from people that have actually taken the exams listed on this webpage.

Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 06:36

Steps to Study for an Exam

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  1. Create a calendar starting exactly one month before the exams are scheduled to start. For each day write down two subjects that you each plan to spend a half an hour studying. Take into account which classes are difficult for you; these subjects should show up on your study calendar more often. Stick to the calendar because an hour a day really isn't that much but it will really be useful. if you study for too long on something you find difficult, you will become stressed and most likely forget what you learned an hour ago so 1 hour is plenty        

  2. Make friends that strive for good exam grades, just as you do. With friends who care about school, you'll find that you will have someone to study with without getting distracted. If they truly care about their grades, they will want to discuss material with you as much as possible because they want to be prepared for the exams as well. It is not necessary to "make new friends and 'ditch' your old ones" because they don't get good grades, and it doesn't mean they won't be upset if they fail their exams, but don't have a study party with people who you tend to muck around with too much!!                                            
  3. Listen attentively in class before exams. Many teachers will playfully, or subtly hint things that might be on the exam, or they might focus on certain things more than others. Noticing your teachers lesson plans will help you realize the topics that are really important and that are likely to show up on the test. Take notes - have at least four blank pages ready before each class during the weeks leading up to exams, if you still don't understand something, ask someone, as there is no point trying to figure it out for yourself!! Don't worry about asking your teachers for help - that is what they are there for and most would probably prefer to spend an extra couple of hours going over work you find difficult than have you fail an exam!
  4. Don't just go through your notes, rewrite them. Rewriting some of your lecture notes, especially the sloppy ones, will bring back some of the old class topics in your mind. You will be able to remember the lectures and discussions surprisingly well. Rewriting your notes is great if you're a kinesthetic learner. also, when you re-write something it is making you think about what you are writing, what its about, why you wrote it down and most importantly, it refreshes your brain. if you took notes a month ago and just found out that those notes will be relevant in your exam, re writing them will remind you
  5. Don't study when you're really tired. It's better to study for two hours in one day than to try and cram in that daily hour at two in the morning. Besides, it will just make studying an even more unpleasurable task for you. 

  6. Don't stress, if you can figure out how you study best. in your PJ's or your favorite t-shirt?, with music or not?, in your room or outside? one thing is for sure though, you won't be able to study while ... 

  7. Your darling little brother or sister is running screaming around the house
Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 06:44
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